2014 Top Songs on Rdio

Rdio has a handy little chart compiler for the year, so here’s a playlist of the music I listened to most this year.

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Free Christmas Printable – 8×10 Christmas Carols Printable

I’ve been making 8×10 printables to sell in my Etsy shop, making the most of my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and the hundreds I’ve spent on decorative fonts. I’ve made a subway art style black and white print with lines from a bunch of Christmas Carols and I’ve decided to give it away for free here.

Download hi-res jpg file here.
Download PDF file here.

Go check out the rest of my Christmas products on Etsy.

Etsy Sales Location Map

I recently found this great Etsy app, Etsy Sales Map, that generates a map of where all my Etsy sales have delivered.

I’ve sent goods to 48 states and the following 6 countries: Australia (2), Canada (6), Germany (1), The Netherlands (1), United Kingdom (3), United States (861) as of 11/21/2014.

You can sign up and get a free map for a week. It will load most of your sales right off but if you have hundreds of sales the full upload will need to happen overnight, so you may need to wait 24 hours for an accurate map. If you want access after the first week you’ll need to pay $5 per year, a small price if you like the visual of seeing where your creations have traveled.