Vanilla Porter Home Brew

My husband has spent the last few months building a home brewery system which he has detailed in full on his site. Finally this last Wednesday he was ready for a full brew and I hung around to help and take pictures.

We made the Vanilla Porter recipe from Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, CO which is an amazing beer. They have made the Urca Vanilla Porter All Grain recipe available here.

First there were 20ish pounds of grain
And hot water
And these had to be added to the mash tun
Grain addition
and boiled and boiled, and then drained
and then the liquid portion is transferred to the boil kettle
Moving to the boil kettle
which is when this starts to look like beer.

There's a lot more to it, but he's probably better at explaining that. Now, it ferments for 3 weeks. Somewhere along the way is when the vanilla beans will go in and it will hopefully be delicious.

Vanilla Porter Slideshow

My short, confused new to homebrewing post is coming tomorrow. For now here’s the full slideshow from the inaugural brew in Jason’s homemade system.