Button Button Button

My time has become consumed with an idea.

For the longest time I have wanted to make buttons: cute buttons, funny buttons, penguin covered buttons. One of my absolute favorite possessions as a child was a big purple glitter button that said COURTNEY. From my first real job I keep an 'I Love Trucks' button. I went to Japan and let a squirrel run up my back and brought back three Kinkazan Squirrel Village pinback souvenirs.

Somewhere I got interested enough to buy a $30 starter kit from Badge a Minit and I made a few excellent Scarlet Pig buttons for a friend who suffered through a PAX borne Swine flu.

This takes us to Christmas 2010 when the endurer of all my grand schemes, Jason, buys me a serious for real buttonmaker. (Or is it button maker? I need to know these things.) This wasn't a cheap piece of plastic anymore, it was a professional machine worth hundreds of dollars. I had to do something with it.


My straight up artistic skills have always lacked, so I'm playing with what graphic design instinct I have until I can learn to draw a cute penguin or two. I've also found that my buttonmarker, at 2.25", also makes magnets, mirrors and bottle openers of the same size. Things I love to have, and hope other people will want to.

Currently, I'm trying to fund the purchase of a 1" buttonmaker setup, which is 1 machine, 1 hole punch and 500 button pieces. Each button is made up of 3 pieces, plus printed artwork. The local company all my supplies have been purchased through, buttonmakers.net, is selling this setup for $379.00. I could buy it outright, but I've chosen to spend money on setting up a business with the 2.25" buttonmaker first. I'm hoping to find a way to make enough from my first buttonmaker to fund my second.

It will seem silly when I tell you this: I've already spent $800 on set up. That's material, domain names, a color laser multi function printer, fancy scissors and my new favorite money sink- Japanese chiyogami paper. I've put a real desk in my office and attached multiple lamps to it for product photography.

And here's where I spill my dark secret. I do crap like this a lot. I mean, never to this extent financially, but I regularly get what I feel is a good idea and revel in the idea…until my next idea. In the course of researching this I've also bought supplies to make plastic resin jewelery, a learn to felt kit and a make your own notebook kit. Easily distracted is my game.

I have an etsy store up currently where I'm putting up my already created wares. I've only got about 15% online currently, but please, encourage me sticking with an idea if you feel inclined.

Vonderific Buttons and Accessories