Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

I'm not really one for tabletop games, moreso because I don't quite feel ready for that level of nerdery. While at PAX we heard quite a few mentions of a Steve Jackson game, Zombie Dice. Dice…that could always be scary. I filed it away until I read a Wil Wheaton blog post about playing Zombie Dice on the train to PAX. A quick search on the App Store and I was playing Zombie Dice on my phone in bed.

The app, which doesn't deviate from the actual game much, is free for single player, or you can buy the upgrade for up to 8 players in game for only 99 cents. And the premise is simple: "Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned."

The app selects who starts (a shotgun roll decides in the real world) and a tap on the screen rolls 3 virtual dice. The dice come in 3 colors with 3 options on the dice. All the dice have a variet of brains, feet or shotgun blasts on them. They come in green, yellow and red. Green dice have more brains and only 1 shotgun per dice. Yellow has a pretty even amount of all 3 items, but red is definitely more shotguns than brains.

When the 3 dice hit you gather all your brains, you note how many shotguns you've got. If you get 3 shotgun blasts you're dead and you don't get to eat any brains. If you rolled any feet, you have to roll those same dice again, so if you have 2 shotgun blasts and a set of red feet, you probably want to stop your turn. When you stop before 3 shotgun blasts you get to eat all the brains you've collected during your turn. You eat brains until someone reaches 13 brains, then everyone else gets to take 1 more turn and whomever has eaten the most brains win.

The game is quick and fun, and good to play if you occasionally like yelling out BRAAAIIINS! And I love it, so please ask me if we can play some Zombie Dice so I can be a little less embarrassed about this.