My Top 5 Fluffy Matthew McConaughey Movies

Alright, alright alright, let’s get to talking about my favorite actor from my favorite movie and all around cool weirdo, Matthew McConaughey. While I have not seen all of his movies, I have seen all the ones he has done that get shown on cable stations that begin with T on endless loops. Here are my top 5 movies of his:


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This is What a Teespring Failure Looks Like

After 21 days, $95.00 in ads and a goal of only 13 shirts my Teespring campaign did not get funded. Even better, some commenters on my Facebook ad missed the point entirely and called me racist.

fb-ad-view                      teespring

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Etsy Report: Vonderific June 2014

Slow month, I’ve been running my listings down to prepare for a change in shop branding and focus. I’ve also spent time designing my t-shirt line that would have been better spent on the Etsy shop, but only so many hours per day.

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Quick All Time Overview

June 2014 overview

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