My One Page Business Plan

There’s about 20 business I want to be running, but I only have time for one or two currently…okay, I’m trying for a 3rd and 4th but aside from making logos and registering domains I haven’t gotten very far with them. What I do enjoy for each new idea is drawing up a quick one page business plan. This usually lets me get enough thought through an idea that I can put it to bed mentally so I can actually get to bed. It forces me to make sure this isn’t just something I want but something I want to give to other people. It also forces me to do enough research to find out if it is eventually worth my time.

Here’s what I outline
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Etsy Report: Vonderific July 2014

I’ve had a busy busy month with stuff outside of Etsy and it couldn’t get the focus it needed.

Vonderific July 2014

Etsy Report: Ward & Cedar July 2014

No sales. Barely have any inventory up. My weekly search ad budget is $35 but I only got enough clicks to owe Etsy $1.24 for last month.

Ward and Cedar July 2014


I know I need to get all my products up, but it’s such a manual process I’ve put it off another month. I need to just hire someone from odesk or similar to do it for me. I did get 5 Favorites (the green triangles on the chart) so it wasn’t a complete loss. People have seen the items and they have liked them enough to click a button.

Right now I only have beer tshirts up. Those might eventually move to a completely different store, I have a threshold. When I come up with 30 beer designs I will spin off a beer only store.

W&C Etsy ads July 2014