My Fake Family

An important part of my party supply business is providing customized items for baby and wedding related events. I’m ramping up the number and styles in a goal to have 600 individual items listed on Etsy this year, so I need to design a bunch of items for people that don’t actually exist yet. I don’t feel comfortable having my info, or my friend’s and family’s info listed hundreds of times. So to have the proper data for the products that will be customized later I need to come up with a fake family that has a timeline that takes them through all these events. It would be nice if they also moved around so I could use them for state based products as well.

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Better Ways to Live, Part 1

Thanks to various corners of the internet I’ve collected better ways of doing many simple tasks. Most of those tasks I assumed were without improvement but better mouse traps have been built. Here are the ones I use every time I’m faced with certain situations.

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My Top 5 Fluffy Matthew McConaughey Movies

Alright, alright alright, let’s get to talking about my favorite actor from my favorite movie and all around cool weirdo, Matthew McConaughey. While I have not seen all of his movies, I have seen all the ones he has done that get shown on cable stations that begin with T on endless loops. Here are my top 5 movies of his:


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